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25 things that you might not know about me : GLIN 1st year anniversary

HI Glinies,   Times flies when you are having fun-they say. Guess what happened last month? Glin was officially launched a year ago in March. In the last weeks happenings I got lost in time of having fun and doing my passion. So now, when I realized that we should celebrate this passed year with GLIN and you, I decided to share a little bit more about me. Me, the person behind GLIN. So now here are 25 things that you have not known about me : 1. When I was a child , I loved to ride with my BMX through the forests in North-East Hungary where I grew up. I have scarves on my knees and elbows that reminds me of the fact that taking risks can be painful but also leads to great accomplishments, like biking up to great hills or almost flying through bumbie roads. 2. I am left handed, which means a lot of frustrations when it comes to using scissors, tools, etc. Also I started to write in a mirrored way due to my left-handedness. I thought, when I was 6 , that I need to mirror everything that others write with right hands because I use my left one. Smart girl, I was. 3. I am an introverted person. I love to be alone, having the peace of nature around me, dreaming about new things. Actually I am called a dreamer. 4. I have always wanted to travel, even when I was little. Guess what ? I have been living abroad for 10 years now, I have lived in 4 countries. I... read more

The way scents influence us

The Olfactory Brand Memory – Extra sense of love scented by GLIN
Although human nose is less sensitive than that of the dogs, it still contains 5 million receptor cells .
It means that smelling as one of our 5 senses has a primary role in forming our emotional life.

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Good morning Glines, On Easter Monday I am introducing a new workshop concept on a Lifestyle event in Alkmaar. It is a FREE WORKSHOP where everybody can choose which product you want to make. I offer different natural product recipes with organic ingredients ( hand cream, body butter, body scrub, bath salt, cream deo, cream perfume, toothpaste , etc..) You have the FREEDOM to choose which product(s) you want to learn to make and take home. Each product costs 10 euro . You pick up your favorite(s). How does this concept sound to you? Should I organize similar workshop on the other locations, as well? Would you like to be part of the fun? Please let me know your opinion here in the comment section, so I am able to support you. Thanks... read more

Focus of January: Organization at home

Hello Glinies, The focus of January was : Organisation. You will find the best 99 pins for home and family organisation here. You kick off with the decluttering question list to help you get started. Find here the best ideas on how to declutter, tons of tips & tricks per room, seasons and so on. You will also find some inspiring boards on how to get your family organized. My personal favorite is the family paperwork organizing system for bills, mails ,recipes, schoolwork. If you are already a trained decluttering person, you might check out the pin on how to speed up your declutter routine. Let`s share my routine for January: I went through the house and  checked which rooms need some serious downsizing. Guess , which one ? Yes, the laundry room is the first. We moved into this house two years ago and there are still boxes un-open. I stapled more boxes with clothes, shoes, papers etc in the last two years….all these together with the laundry. Of course, my other two focus areas are the children room and kitchen . I was proactive and this week, I have reorganized and cleaned the kitchen. However, I still need some buckets and small containers to give it a final touch. My goal for February is to downsize the toys in the playing room. Deep breath. It will take some time and effort. I will let you know, how it is coming along. If you got inspired here are 5 questions to help you declutter: 1. Is this item something I use regularly? 2. Am I saving this just... read more

Happy New Year !

Hello Glinies, Happy New Year ! Before the Holidays reached us, I felt, that I am well prepared for 2015. I made my plannings, calculations, preparations and bammm, look, it is already the second week of January and I am still trying to catch up. Hi-hi. I have just identified  new areas for improvement for myself: Start the new year literately on 2nd and do not wait till 12th of January. No mercy. Ok back to my planning. I did one single new year resolution (as I have already shared with you on facebook): Each month I will develop a new method to make our family life greener and I will build this knowledge in my workshops for you. So let`s see the first one. MINDFULNESS AT A GREEN HOME I have used different plannings for housekeeping over the last years. This month I will collect all the PRO TIPS and TRICKs how we can save our time & money and not to mention our energy in order to give ourselves a little break to relax. Once we master our household monster, we will be able to find time to relax. So, in the coming days, I will try to collect as much information as possible for you and me of course. We are all different, with different families and settings. So we would need different tips and schedules…let`s see how can I challenge myself and all the social media to find the perfect methods to handle our green household as a PRO.  P.S.: Did I mention that Valentine`s Day is just around the corner? Do not forget to... read more