Organic, Natural Soap Making Workshops

On the organic, natural soap making workshop you will prepare not only your personalized 500 grams of soap, but you will learn how to make the change to a green & clean lifestyle. You will get different sources of information on natural products that you can use to make your organic soaps to support the health of your family with. You will become a member of the GLIN VIP Networking Group automatically where you can further develop your hobby.  Moreover, it is always fun to create something new, and to be proud of.

Product Description

During these 2.5-hour long workshops you will prepare your own, personalized, scented, appr. 500 Gramms of ORGANIC, NATURAL SOAP from scratch -using basic, high quality biological products- that you will take home with you.

You will get:

  • 500 gramms of organic natural personalized soap
  • a step by step tutorial with pictures
  • the entire training documentation
  • a basic soap recipe
  • the supporting documentation on how to use essential oils for natural soaps
  • some great tips how to prepare your soap at home next time
  • how to use your natural soap in different ways (liquid soap, gifts, playing with natural soap,etc)
  • pros & cons about the different cosmetic products that you can find on the market and their impact on you and your family members’ health

The Workshop is organized:

  • For Maximum 6 persons in the group
  • In English and/or Dutch and/ or Hungarian


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