Basic DIY Soap Making Kit


The Basic DIY Soap Making Kit contains all the necessary ingredients for your next DIY Cold Process Soap batch .
You are able to practise what you have just learnt on the GLIN Natural Soap Making Workshop. All the ingredients are organic and measured for you.
Take your GLIN Basic Soap Recipe and design your own recipe with essential oils and other natural ingredients.

Product Description

This is a super deal for you.
The Basic Soap Making Kit Contains:
200 gram Organic Coconut Butter
250 gram Organic Shea Butter
132 gram NaOH
 If you buy this soap kit, you will save time. All the ingredients are precisely measured for you. You just need to add the necessary distilled water based on the GLIN Basic Soap recipe that you have learnt on the GLIN Natural Soap Making Workshop and you are ready to mix. Success is guaranteed.


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